The Hive Renovation

The Hive renovation: Balcony comes down, more walls & ring beam and a broken foot!

It has been another busy week on the renovation of The Hive in Les Gets and a lot of progress has been made.

Karl continues to make the ringbeam round the walls of The Hive pulling together the structural walls. In order to complete the front of the house, the balcony had to come off:

The ringbeam continuing round:

Meanwhile, the builders are building walls at breakneck speed! (or break foot speed!! – see last paragraph) The new gable wall for The Hive is complete:

The wall at the back of the chalet is complete too:

Milly checks in for a site inspection, and confirms everything is going very well:

There was a bit of excitement on Tuesday when Darren, now known as the man with a very high pain threshold, accidentally fell through the floorboards and has broken his foot in 3 places! He is recovering well and will be back on site next week.

Get well soon Darren from all of us:

Thank you for reading Pure Peakers, until next time!