Local cuisine

The mountainous French Alps with its upland herds, Alpine soils and fresh water lakes produce some of France’s finest cheese, cured meats and a variety of other products which in turn produce some fine savoyard cuisine.

At Pure Peaks we offer locally produced and sourced dishes where possible for you to sample, both in our catered chalets and in the welcome hampers of our self catered apartments. Please find some recommendations of some of the local cuisine to look out for and try on your holiday in the Alps.


Local meats include poultry from Bresse, Jambon de Savoie: cured ham, pormoniers: fresh sausages with leek and herbs, grelots aux herbes: pork sausages with walnuts and La Caillette de Chabeuil: an excellent little paté made of liver and pork meat flavoured with herbs.


There are numerous varieties of local cheese: Abondandance has a pliable texture and mild hazelnut flavour; Beafort has a fruity flavour and is the key ingredient for dishes such as fondue and soufflee; Emmental de Savoie is a bright cheese that is thick and creamy with a mild flavour used in Fondue; Raclette de Savoie is a pliable cheese with a creamy texture making it ideal to eat melted; Reblochon has a safron coloured rind and creamy interior and is used to make Tartiflette and Tomme de Savoie is a very old cheese which farmers used to make in the Winter when the cows stayed in the stable.

Local dishes:

– Fondue Savoyarde is a warm mixture of Beaufort and Emmental de Savoie cheeses cooked with white wine. Eaten with small hunks of bread or cured meats dipped into the bubbling pot.
– Raclette derived from the French word racler, meaning “to scrape” is a traditional dish where the raclette cheese is melted in front of the fire (most people now use a raclette machine) and then smeared over boiled potatoes, onions and gherkins.
– Tartiflette is made from potatoes, reblouchon cheese and lardons cooked slowly in the oven like a gratin dish.
– Farcement is a potato loaf with bacon, dried fruit and spices.
– Crozet gratin is little squares of pasta from Savoie made with wheat flour and buckwheat flour cooked into a gratin with cream and cheese.
– Gateau de Savoie is a very light sponge cooked in a fluted mould that has been lined with butter and sprinkled with flour and sugar in order to give the finished cake a thin, crispy crust. It can be filled with jam or covered with cream.
– Chocolate truffles were invented in nearby Chambery by local confectioner Monsieur Dufour.
– There are various version of brioche, made with orange water and made with pink pralines and then covered in sugar.