The Hive Renovation

Renovation of The Hive begins!

The renovation of the barn into our next catered ski chalet, ‘The Hive’ is in full swing. We finally received the keys on 18th April 2014 and since then there has been an awful lot of clearing to be done! Here is a picture of the barn, or The Hive as it is now called. It looks like a semi detached building but it is one building. The left hand side is the oldest built in 1886 and the right side was added at a later date. There is a ‘Mazot’ in the back garden too. More about the history of the building in a later post. Too much has happened this week to fit all the background information in! 

The team of builders arrived Mid-May 2014 Here they are standing outside The Hive and enjoying a well deserved beer on their day off!: