Heli Skiing

Heli skiing is the ultimate experience for serious skiers and snowboarders. A chance to experience off-trail, downhill skiing in fresh untracked powder that can last for thousand of metres of vertical descent. This is essentially skiing in a natural environment without the effort of hiking into these highly-selected areas.

A group of heli skiers are led by an experienced guide and possibly an assistant, or co-guide and the group is buddied up into pairs. Helicopter ski drops are banned in the French Alps, however groups can be taken from France and dropped into Switzerland. From there it is possible to ski into France. The helicopter typically meets the ski group in an open area in the valley. The guide or helicopter crew member loads the equipment into an exterior basket. The skiers board the helicopter and are lifted off and carried to a landing zone on the mountain. One drop will usually last half a day with anything up to a 3500 metre vertical descent. Any one ski run can last from an hour or up to two and a half hours depending on ability. Most companies also offer options for multiple drops.

Heli skiing requires a high level of skiing or snowboarding ability and fitness and is suitable for those who are able to ski along all types of terrain and able to get down a hill in all possible snow conditions. You are taken with qualified mountain guides who will choose a route to fit to your ability. All equipment will be provided and clothing needs to mirror ski resort activity level: layered clothing fit for sub-zero temperatures, goggles, helmet, ski gloves and neck warmers. Having a backpack is usually a requirement and is used to carry avalanche rescue gear such as transceivers, shovels and probes. The majority of heli skiers opt for fatter off-piste, powder, freeride or “all-mountain” skis. They are less tiring and handle difficult terrain more easily. For snowboarders, similarly wider powder snowboards exist.

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