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The Hive renovation: Balcony comes down, more walls & ring beam and a broken foot!

It has been another busy week on the renovation of The Hive in Les Gets and a lot of progress has been made. Karl continues to make the ringbeam round the walls of The Hive pulling together the structural walls. In order to complete the front of the house, the balcony had to come off:

The ring beam starts to go in!

One of the biggest hurdles with the renovation of The Hive is that we are not allowed to increase or reduce the volume of the building during the process. This obviously proved difficult when the foundations went in (being a 150 year old building it didn't have any to start with) The only way for it to be done safely was to prop up the building section by section dig the foundation, fill with concrete, and build the new structural wall as quickly as possible. Another area where it has proven to be difficult is putting in the ring beam, usually done in one step. Instead, Karl has been cutting...

The Hive renovation continues….

Five weeks have passed until the start of renovating The Hive in Les Gets and what a five weeks it as been! There has been lot of progress with big structural work to stabilise the building. So much has happened that several blog posts will be added this week to show all of the work so far. To finish where we left off….The blockwork for the new gable wall on the left hand side of The Hive Chalet was finished: